Comprehensive Services for Healthcare Providers

Take charge of your time and devote your resources to the things that matter. We will take care of the rest.

The devil is in the details and we have you covered. We provide a spectrum of customizable healthcare solutions that help you improve your patient care and boost your bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

For healthcare providers, the success of revenue cycle management hinges on robust administration of all clinical processes and financial transactions encountered throughout the lifecycle of the patient experience. Speed and precision are sacrosanct.

At R29 solutions we follow a systematic approach that simplifies your revenue cycle management process and boosts your profitability.  Our team has the resources, experience and expertise to provide end-to-end RCM services including patient on-boarding, insurance eligibility verification, medical coding, claim dispute verification, payment posting and follow up on collections.


Payment Audit

To verify the accuracy of expected payments and payments received, healthcare providers spend a substantial amount of money on payment integrity audits every year. Moreover, data inaccuracies lead to increased scrutiny which puts a strain on the working relationship between payers and healthcare providers. These operational inefficiencies result in wasteful consumption of resources, and avoidable costs to your practice.

We can help you minimize your administrative load and become more cost efficient. Our team is adept at streamlining the audit process by posting accurate payment requests that lower the financial and executive burden on all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Claims Processing

To achieve high yield, claims processing requires diligence throughout the intricate claims journey – from the moment a patient makes an appointment until the final payment is completed. Given that every claim traverses through many hands and involves multiple electronic and manual processes, it can be both time intensive and prone to error.

Our HIPAA compliant claims processing service enables you to focus on core business functions. While ensuring both data accuracy and process efficiency, we can help your practice bring order to your claims workflow – offering comprehensive services that include claims filing, claims conversion, claims dispute verification, and claims correction and refiling.


Accounts Receivable Management

Achieving Accounts Receivable (AR) objectives are essential for a medical facility to be financially sustainable and operationally efficient. There is a consistent need to maintain optimal cash flow enabled by consistent collection, regulatory compliance, minimal denials and improved billing processes.

As a HIPAA compliant solution provider, we are equipped to oversee your entire Accounts Receivable process, eliminating bottlenecks in the system to facilitate expedited collections. Leverage our domain expertise to identify existing and potential errors in the AR workflow, as well as recommend areas for improvement that will ensure your establishment meets its financial goals.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Billing

As industry regulations become stringent streamlined processes with minimal error margins and financial performance are critical for the sustenance and growth of EMS.

We extend our expertise in revenue cycle management to Emergency Medical Services billing, enabling a compliant, error-free experience to healthcare providers. Our team drives higher revenue collection and operational efficiency by providing comprehensive EMS services including minimizing Accounts Receivable days, recovering claims and collecting debt.